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Life Insurance


G is the largest and oldest life insurance company in Singapore and Malaysia. They provide a wide range of online insurance solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

Customers nowadays are demanding faster and more efficient experiences when they connect with major insurance firms. As such, this company is looking for an agile solution that helps them to deliver excellent service, by helping them care for customers more effectively and professionally.

  • 24x7 Cloud contact center solution with centralized store of resources.

  • Business reports, analytics, and a real-time dashboard to monitor agents.

  • IVR is integrated with the company’s database and CRM systems.

  • Voice recording with on-premise storage, ability to control access to recordings.

  • Business Mobility with Mobile Softphones Capability.

  • Provide a comprehensive and systematic cloudCall Center including intelligent IVR, enterprise cloud recording, and advanced reporting with customizable data.

  • Integrate with the company’s database and CRM systems to securely authenticate customers’ information.

  • Tailor disaster recovery, incident response, and business continuity plan.


The insurance company received positive feedback from both their agency force and their customers on the improved financial advisory experience as well as increased productivity.

  • Streamlined and improved reporting capabilities.

  • Minimized call abandonment.

  • Remained competitive during the global pandemic.

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