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ABC Health found itself, as the company shot up from 4 people to a team of 50. Suddenly, it was no longer practical for employees to keep using their personal numbers for business calls. Not only that but with more agents making and taking calls each day, they needed a way to get insights from each conversation (even the ones they missed).

  • Business Phone Number

  • Professional Hotline for Patients to get information

  • Efficient internal communication platform

  • Flexible access devices

  • Company Data Integration

  • Scalable, Customizable Solution

  • Notification

  • Authentication

  • Security and Access Control


Our cloud-based communications platform transforms the traditional methods into a powerful, integrated suite of voice, messaging, and phone system technologies - a platform that is highly scalable, mobile, secure, and managed outside of the physical walls of the healthcare facility. It is customizable to the clinic’s unique workflows, interoperable with a variety of other cloud-based applications, and displaces numerous other disparate communications in use at the facility.

Providing Patient Information:

Automated phone calls can be used to provide patients with useful information - including everything from clinic opening hours to test results.

Managing Appointments:

CPaaS system allows patients to respond to automated messages at the touch of a button, making it incredibly easy for them to confirm an appointment, request a new one, or subscribe to the reminder.

Managing Inbound Call:

By using the Auto Attendant Call flow, inbound calls can be routed to the correct department or pre-recorded information messages automatically.

Collecting Patient Feedback:

Healthcare is a patient-centered industry, and it’s important to get feedback from patients who use services in order to find out where problems lie, improvements can be made, as well as where service is excelling. Rather than fielding calls to patients or posting feedback forms, a simple push-button IVR text survey allows patients to rate services quickly and easily.

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