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XXX is a bank that is headquartered in Singapore. The XXX Bank sought to remain on top of the ever-changing banking field by upgrading their technology. Their voice communication infrastructure is one of the critical aspects of this technology, connecting their 2400-plus employees spread across over 160 branches to one another and customers.

Customer needs
  1. Centralize voice communications infrastructure to support superior customer service at over 160 widespread branches.

  2. Global PBX links the headquarter in Singapore with international offices where the company operates.

  3. Ability to scale the platform as the business grows.

  • Set up a Phone System environment for customers, with each staff member having access to both an IP Phone and Mobile extension as they are working in different locations.

  • Integrate the hotline with the company's database to route the VIP/regular customers to the proper departments.


CPaaS Phone System solution helps banks seamlessly communicate and manage the high volume of calls every day for common sales inquiries, customer service, collections, support, etc.

  • Cost savings: Moving from multiple technologies to centralized data centers lowered capital and maintenance costs.

  • Freedom to Users: Agents can connect to the service from anywhere while maintaining an efficient and personalized customer service delivery with a user-friendly interface on any smart and internet-accessible device.

  • A platform for growth: Scalability, deployment flexibility, and interoperability improved drastically.

  • Superior customer service: Customers are assured of a personalized banking experience.

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