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B3Networks Academy Updates

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

As we venture into the vibrant landscape of April, our blog is brimming with fresh insights, cutting-edge discoveries, and invaluable updates from the world of technology. Let's dive into the highlights awaiting you this month!

License Model


License Model

Manage Organization - Support Bulk Assignment For Bundles

This month we’re introducing Bulk Assignment for Bundles to streamline license provisioning and user allocation processes. This enhancement allows users to be assigned both base licenses and add-on licenses together under the same bundle subscription UUID. It's important to note that this bulk assignment for bundles feature is only available for organizations that have bundle subscriptions.

Users will now have the capability to manually provision and assign a Phone System base license, which has been acquired in a bundle. Additionally, add-on licenses for Phone System can be assigned alongside the base license within the same bundle, ensuring seamless integration and utilization of resources. It's essential to highlight that add-on licenses can only be assigned to a Phone System base license within the same bundle, ensuring compliance and efficiency in license management.

Once the assignment is complete, the status will change from In progress to Completed. After completion, users can check the result or click on the Export button to download the report.


Phone System: User Settings Template - New Feature & UI Update

With this update, we're enhancing the User Settings Template UI to incorporate a new section dedicated to Devices configuration. This addition aims to provide Admins with a comprehensive toolset for managing configurations effectively. With the introduction of the Devices configuration section, our users gain the flexibility to select specific configurations they wish to include in the template. This empowers them to tailor settings according to their organization's requirements, ensuring a personalized and efficient setup.

Moreover, Admins now have the ability to choose which extensions they want to update with the selected configurations. To further streamline configuration management, Admins can also export the current configurations of all Phone System Extensions. This feature facilitates backup and sharing of configurations, enhancing administrative efficiency and data security.

Additionally, administrators can import configuration files to apply settings across all Phone System Extensions seamlessly. This functionality simplifies configuration deployment, allowing for swift and consistent updates across the organization.


Auto Attendant - Launch Audit tab

We're excited to announce the launch of the Audit tab within our Auto Attendant, providing users with enhanced visibility and control over their configurations. Accessible directly from the portal, this new tab empowers Owners and designated Admins to track changes and monitor activity effectively.

Owners have full access to the Audit tab within Auto Attendant, allowing them to review and manage audit logs comprehensively. Admins who have been granted the Auto Attendant permission group can access the Audit tab. This ensures that designated administrators can monitor and track activity related to Auto Attendant configurations. With the launch of the Audit tab, users can now maintain greater transparency and accountability within their Auto Attendant settings, ensuring smooth operation and compliance with organizational policies.


Hot Desking - Update Permission Management

In our ongoing effort to enhance user experience and security, we're thrilled to announce the implementation of access control for member roles within the Hot Desking app. This feature, accessible through the Hot Desking icon and account selection, provides administrators with granular control over member permissions, particularly in the context of managing up to 50 assigned members. Positioned within the Hot Desking interface under the "Overview" section, users can now seamlessly navigate to the Members area to configure access controls for individual members.

By default, the Owner of the organization possesses full rights to perform all actions within the Hot Desking application. Similarly, Admins who belong to the Hot Desking Permission Group are granted the authority to execute all actions. For members granted specific permissions, their actions are delineated according to the following table:


Admin with Permission Group

Member with Identity and Access Management

Access Hot Desking

Access all resources

Access a specific resource

✅ (Granted resource)

See Overview tab

Edit Label

Get certificate

Assign Members

See Configuration tab

Configure the settings

See Networking Info tab

See Security tab

Add IP Whitelist


Support Hub - UI Enhancements

This month, we're rolling out several UI enhancements for our Support Hub, aimed at providing users with clearer information and a more intuitive experience. Let's walk through each of these feature updates one by one!

Timestamp & SMS Flow Enhancement

In response to user feedback, we're enhancing the UI of our Call/SMS transaction logs to provide more comprehensive information and clarify terms. Specifically, for Call transaction logs, we're refining the timestamp format from hh:mm to hh:mm:ss:ms. This update offers users greater precision and clarity in understanding the timing of their call transactions.

Additionally, to provide clarity and accuracy for SMS transaction logs, we're changing the labeling from "System" to "CPaaS" within the diagram, ensuring users understand the source of their SMS transactions. Furthermore, we're introducing a visual cue to indicate when SMS transactions originate from SMPP, enabling users to easily differentiate between various sources of SMS traffic and enhancing transparency in the logs.


Allow Users To Search Organization Name

Continuing our efforts to improve user experience, we've identified a common issue: customers often raise concerns without providing the organization UUID, instead opting to provide the organization name. To address this challenge and streamline the support process, we're implementing a feature that allows users to search by organization name within the Support Hub.

Within the "Search by org" field, users can now search for organizations by name. We've updated the placeholder text to read "Search by org name or UUID", accommodating both types of input. Now users have the flexibility to input either the organization name or UUID. After entering the desired search query, users can press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search. A dropdown list will display matching organizations based on the entered query. Users can click on the desired organization from the list to proceed with their support request.


Display Possible Issue

This month we're introducing an enhancement to our system that will display a "Possible Issue" table. This table will help users identify potential issues with their transactions and provide suggested solutions to address them. Alongside each identified issue displayed under “Summary”, users will find the suggested solution under a new column to resolve the problem effectively. This feature aims to provide users with more proactive support, empowering them to troubleshoot and resolve issues independently when possible.


Display & Allow Users To Search Message ID

We're enhancing our SMS transaction display by adding a new column for Message ID. This addition will provide users with more comprehensive information about their SMS transactions. Additionally, users will now have the ability to search by Message ID in the Advanced Search feature. Users can click on "Advanced Search.", select the desired time range and enter the Message ID in the designated search field. By incorporating Message ID into our SMS transaction display and search capabilities, we aim to improve user experience and facilitate more efficient troubleshooting and tracking of SMS transactions.


Call History UI Enhancement - Message for Call Loop TXN

In order to enhance clarity and troubleshooting capabilities for failed calls, we're implementing a feature to provide a specific reason for call failures, particularly in cases of "Call Loop detected." Going forward, users will receive a message stating, "This is a Call Loop TXN. Please check the settings for Extension." This message will offer users a clear indication of the issue and prompt them to review and adjust the settings for the respective extension to resolve the problem.


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