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B3Networks Academy Updates

Updated: 3 days ago

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners, 

In a world constantly propelled forward by technological innovation, May arrives as a herald of promising advancements and transformative IT trends. As spring blooms into its full glory, so too does the B3Network’s tech landscape, teeming with fresh ideas, novel solutions, and evolving paradigms. 

Join us as we explore the cutting-edge developments shaping the present and illuminating the path towards a future defined by unprecedented connectivity, efficiency, and possibility.


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Redesign & Update UI for Unified Workspace

We're thrilled to introduce a redesigned and updated UI for our Unified Workspace, now incorporating seamless integration of Team Chat and Live Chat functionalities. This revamped interface offers enhanced user accessibility and efficiency with several key updates. Users can now simply click on a channel name to access comprehensive channel information, streamlining navigation within the workspace. The addition of a robust search feature enables quick and intuitive retrieval of messages, users, and channels, promoting effortless information discovery.

Moreover, users can conveniently access bookmarked messages, starred users and channels, and pinned messages, facilitating efficient organization and reference. The UI also prominently displays available channels and inboxes, ensuring users are promptly informed of communication avenues. Furthermore, the ability to check uploaded files directly within chat conversations enhances collaboration and document management within the workspace.

Additionally, for Live Chat, one significant improvement is the display of assigned transactions, enabling agents to effortlessly access and manage their workload. Users can now filter chats by type and assignee, streamlining the process of prioritization and delegation. Additionally, the ability to scroll up to the top of the chat ensures easy access to earlier messages, enhancing overall usability. We've also introduced flexible screen splitting options, allowing users to customize their workspace according to their preferences and workflow requirements. Notably, users can now convert chats into support tickets and manage customer contacts seamlessly, all within the convenient "View More" option.


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Omni-Channel WhatsApp - Enabling One WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) to Connect with Multiple Organizations

With the emergence of our CPaaS solutions, bridging the gap between businesses and their customers has become increasingly seamless. One such avenue is through WhatsApp Business, a platform revered for its ubiquitous presence and user-friendly interface. Our specialized developers excel in crafting omni-channel experiences that harness the power of WhatsApp, facilitating real-time communication between businesses and their clientele. By leveraging our expertise, organizations can connect with customers instantly, addressing inquiries and resolving concerns promptly, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty.

This month, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that enhances the flexibility and efficiency of WhatsApp Business integration. With our latest update, users now have the capability to link a single WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) to multiple organizations, streamlining communication across diverse business entities. This functionality allows for the seamless sharing of WhatsApp numbers between organizations, optimizing resource utilization and simplifying management processes.

Here's how this feature works:

  • Suppose a WABA possesses two numbers, labeled as Number 1 and Number 2.

  • Upon linking the WABA to multiple organizations, such as Org A and Org B, users gain access to both entities' communication channels.

  • When utilizing Org A's interface, Number 1 is allocated to an inbox for handling inquiries and messages specific to that organization.

  • Conversely, upon accessing Org B's platform, only Number 2 is made available for communication purposes, ensuring clarity and delineation between organizational channels.


Developer Hub - UI Enhancement for Application Data Features

In our relentless pursuit of improving user experience, we're thrilled to unveil another new upgrade tailored to the Flow Data tab within the Developer Hub. One of the key enhancements includes the introduction of a checkbox feature accompanied by a helpful tooltip labeled "Required when get" when creating Flow Data. This intuitive addition empowers developers by providing clear guidance on the necessity of certain data inputs during retrieval processes.

Moreover, to streamline data management and ensure data integrity, we've implemented a crucial functionality enhancement: the inability to edit or delete properties that have been ticked off. This safeguard prevents inadvertent modifications to essential data fields, maintaining consistency and accuracy within your workflows.

Furthermore, users can now seamlessly modify the existing “Get flow data” by following these actions:

  • Go to Programmable Flow.

  • Select the desired flow for viewing.

  • Initiate the editing process by clicking the "Edit" button.

  • Identify the relevant Get flow data segment (named accordingly by the users) and access its options menu by clicking on the three-dot icon adjacent to it.


CPaaS SIP Trunk - Enhancements to UI for Displaying Comprehensive Information

In our continuous efforts to improve user experience, we're enhancing the Overview tab of the SIP Trunk UI to provide more comprehensive information. Specifically, we're now displaying the full SIP domain on the SIP Server field. This adjustment offers users a clearer understanding of the SIP server configuration, facilitating smoother setup and management processes.

To further enrich the Networking Info tab, we're introducing additional fields for Cipher Suite Name and SIP Options. The Cipher Suite Name field ensures the utilization of secure encryption protocols, thereby mitigating the risk of potential hacking attempts. By providing clarity on encryption protocols, users can make informed decisions to bolster the security of their PBX systems.

Additionally, the SIP Options field enhances communication interoperability and ensures seamless integration with various SIP-enabled devices and services. This optimization optimizes overall system performance and functionality, empowering users to leverage SIP trunking capabilities to their fullest potential.


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