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B3Networks Academy Updates

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

The sun of 2024 has dawned upon us with new advancements for the tech landscape. Much like the first rays of the sun heralding a new day, January is going to be the month where innovation and breakthroughs take center stage, creating space for endless possibilities that the future holds!

Platform (OSS/BSS)

License Model


Platform (OSS/BSS)

Portal Settings - Remove Pending Or Failed To Verify Sender Domain

In order to enhance our system interface so that our Partners are able to get a cleaner and crisp user-experience, we’ve modified our Domain Settings tab under Portal Settings. Now our users do not need to worry about the pending and failed domains getting accumulated in their settings. Clicking the Delete icon allows users to remove the sender domains marked as Pending Verification or Failed (failed to verify sender domain) from the user-interface.


Support Hub - UI/UX Enhancements

This month we have modified the Support Hub application for an improved user-experience and better info-security for our customers. Starting off, Access Control will no longer be available inside Support Hub. Only Owners and Admins having the necessary Permission Group by the Owner will be able to access the app. Members of the organization cannot access Support Hub. Similarly, Admins cannot grant access to Members anymore.

Besides, Admins can now easily search Call and SMS transaction logs from two separate tabs available in the app. This has made navigating the app quite easy, where Admins can search logs via Org UUID, number/extension, date range, call & SMS results and many more options.


License Model

Phone System - New Logic For Call Forwarding Loop

Some users would like to forward calls back and forth within a destination until someone is available to handle the call. But our previous call restriction logic would prevent this, resultantly not allowing the creation of a call loop within the system. To overcome this issue, this month we have introduced a new logic for call forwarding.

Our solution makes it easy for customers to set up call forwarding by using a Hop mechanism that allows calls flow through to up to ten destinations. Call routing is flexible since users can designate any destination without any limitations. With each hop denoting a stage in the sequential forwarding process, customers may easily manage their call forwarding settings using the system's user-friendly interface. It is important to note that the maximum hop (maximum ring times) is 10 however it depends on the call timeout of the caller's device.


Phone System - Speed Dial Enhancement

This month we have introduced a number of UI enhancements in our system, the first of which is the Speed Dial UI modification under Phone System. Previously our users were unable to determine whether a speed dial key had already been used or not while setting it up. As a solution for the aforementioned problem, our system will now validate the keys (for speed dial, extension keys and phone numbers) any user would input. In case of entering any duplicate key, an error message will be displayed on the screen. Moreover, users do not need to enter an extension key manually. A drop-down list will appear from where the user will select the required extension key. 


Auto Attendant - Increased Limit For Auto Attendant Label

Crafting clear and concise labels for your Auto Attendant ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience. Starting from this month, we have changed the limit of Auto Attendant’s label from 20 characters to 100 characters. Upon reaching the maximum character limit, an error message stating “Maximum 100 characters” will be displayed.


Organization Management - Visibility of Available & Assigned Licenses for All Base Licenses  

We have another user-interface enhancement for our customers. Previously under Organization Management, our system only used to display the available base license information for Phone System. The information for the quantity of available and assigned base licenses wasn’t available for all base licenses. With the new upgraded system, we will now display available/assigned licenses for all base licenses. This enhancement aims to provide you with a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of all your licenses.


Communication Hub

This month we’re back again with a few exciting updates for Communication Hub. So sit back and relax, as we go through some amazing UI enhancements! 

Update UI & Reports In Users Tab

We have redesigned our UI under the Users tab in Communication Hub in an effort to enhance our user-experience while enabling our Partners to maximize their user-performance. The following new fields have been added to the Performance and Assigned Calls pages. As a result, our clients will be able to utilize our reports to obtain comprehensive information for data analysis, helping to optimize agent performance. 


Update UI & Reports In Calls Tab

For tracking agent call performance, the below fields have been added for Performance and Completed Calls pages under Calls tab. Users can easily export these additional fields into their reports. These fields aim to provide users with valuable insights into their call center system, allowing for a detailed analysis of agent performance and overall call metrics.


UI Enhancement For Forms Tab

Initially there was no method to export the Programmable Flow report. As a result, our users weren’t able to extract the report of Developer Hub form. We’ve enhanced our user-interface and added another option for Programmable Flow, alongside Popup and Survey under Forms tab. This will allow our users to easily download the Programmable Flow form through Communication Hub. 


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