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B3Networks Academy Updates

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

This month, we're excited to bring you a range of updates and enhancements designed to improve efficiency, security, and user experience across our platforms. From call recording compliance in our Phone Systems to enhanced Agent Capacities in our Omni-Channel services, we've been working hard to address your needs and streamline your operations.

Stay tuned as we explore these advancements and how they can benefit your organization!


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Customer App - Improved Delete Organization Pop-up

This month we've made an important update to the delete organization process in the Customer App to reduce confusion and enhance clarity. Previously, the message displayed during the deletion process was causing misunderstandings due to the time required to complete the action.

The message has now been updated to: "The organization is in the process of being deleted, which may take up to a few minutes. The status will be updated once the deletion is completed."

This new message provides a clear and accurate expectation of the time it may take to delete an organization, ensuring that users are well-informed about the process. By explicitly stating that the deletion may take a few minutes and that the status will be updated upon completion, we aim to provide a smoother and more transparent user experience.


Customer App - Removal of Integration Code in Settings

To improve consistency and streamline our processes, we have updated the way buyer tags are managed in the Customer App. Previously, users could freely input buyer tags, but we have now enforced the use of three fixed tags: CustomerRef, BillingRef, and TypeRef.

As a result of this change, the integration code field is no longer necessary and has been removed from the SettingsGeneral section. This update simplifies the tagging process and eliminates unnecessary input fields, making it easier for users to manage their buyer tags effectively.


Sales Hub - Redesigned and Enhanced Workflow

Get ready to experience a smoother and more efficient workflow in the Sales Hub! We've been busy revamping the user interface (UI) to make it even more intuitive and user-friendly. But that's not all – we're also introducing a brand new Subscription tab to streamline your subscription management process. This new and powerful feature allows you to effortlessly search for organizations. Simply use the search bar to find the organization by its unique identifier (UUID) or name. No more digging through endless lists!

Under the Subscriptions tab, users will be able to look for the subscriptions by SKU name or UUID. For SKUs, users can also check the status or search any specific SKU via subscription UUID. Besides the Subscriptions tab, users will be able to see the Order tab, from where they will create new orders. 

Furthermore, the Bulk Unsubscribe feature simplifies subscription management by saving you valuable time and effort. No more manually unsubscribing individual users – with Bulk Unsubscribe, you can handle it all in one go!

To proceed with the bulk unsubscription, simply input the number of licenses you wish to unsubscribe. If you enter a number that exceeds the available licenses, a warning message will alert you to adjust the number.

Additionally, you can click to view and download a comprehensive report of the unsubscription process, providing you with detailed records for your reference. 

The redesigned Sales Hub boasts a cleaner and more organized layout, making it easier to find the information you need at a glance. We've optimized the navigation and simplified menus, so you can spend less time clicking.


Admin Portal - UI Enhancement for Security Policy 

We're excited to announce a powerful upgrade to the Admin Portal!  The Security Policy tab is still your one-stop shop for keeping things safe, but now organization owners can claim multiple email domains. This new feature is particularly beneficial for organizations that operate across different domains or have multiple subsidiaries and business units. By allowing owners to claim and manage multiple email domains, we are supporting a wider range of use cases and enhancing the overall administrative efficiency.


License Model

Phone System - Ensuring Call Recording Compliance

We're pleased to announce an important update to our call recording feature, designed to enhance transparency and compliance. Previously, when calls were being recorded, there was no automatic notification to inform users unless a custom message was set. With our latest update, we are introducing a beep sound during calls to notify users (both the caller and callee) that the call is being recorded.

To utilize this new feature, please ensure the following conditions are met:

  • Call Recording License: Users must be assigned a Call Recording license.

  • Enable Call Recording: Users must enable the call recording option in their settings for both incoming and outgoing calls.


Auto Attendant - Setting Time Zones for Working Hours

This month we have introduced a new feature that allows you to configure different time zone settings for Auto Attendant working hours. This enhancement provides greater flexibility and ensures that your Auto Attendant aligns perfectly with the operational hours across various time zones. The default flow’s time zone is set to the organizational time zone. You can customize this as needed to fit the unique requirements of different regions and departments. This update is designed to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of your Auto Attendant by accommodating multiple time zones.


Omni-Channel - Enhancing Agent Capacities 

Previously, Agent Capacities were only applicable to Auto Assignment Mode. With this release, we are extending support to Manual Assignment Mode as well, ensuring a balanced workload for agents regardless of the assignment method. Now, agents will receive transactions precisely according to their defined capacities, whether they're handling live chat or WhatsApp interactions.

Additionally, if an admin or agent attempts to assign more than the defined capacities, a warning message will be displayed to prevent overloading. This update aims to optimize agent efficiency and maintain a consistent workload distribution across all modes of assignment.


Omni- Channel WhatsApp - Updating the WhatsApp Back Feature

In the latest update for WhatsApp Back feature, several improvements have been introduced to enhance usability and efficiency. Firstly, when an agent triggers WhatsApp Back, they will automatically be assigned as the designated transaction handler. This streamlines the process by ensuring immediate ownership of the transaction. To trigger WhatsApp Back, agents must have both Contact Center Add-on and WhatsApp Add-on licenses assigned.

Secondly, agents no longer need to manually select the inbox when triggering WhatsApp Back. Transactions are now directly linked to the inbox of the expired WhatsApp conversation that initiated the WhatsApp Back, simplifying workflow and reducing manual steps.

Additionally, to maintain operational balance, if an agent reaches their WhatsApp Capacity limit, they will be prevented from triggering WhatsApp Back, accompanied by an error message.

Furthermore, the update includes expanded support for button types in WhatsApp templates. Agents can now utilize various button types such as quick reply buttons, custom call-to-action buttons (including call on WhatsApp, call phone number, copy offer code, visit website), and so on.

Lastly, the feature now supports media types in WhatsApp templates, allowing agents to include images, videos, and documents (limited to PDF uploads) directly in their message templates from the portal when sending WhatsApp Back. These enhancements aim to improve agent productivity and provide a richer customer interaction experience through WhatsApp.


Omni-Channel WhatsApp - Sending Outbound WhatsApp Messages

Our system now supports outbound WhatsApp messaging to customers who haven't previously contacted the organization. Users must be equipped with both Contact Center and WhatsApp Add-on licenses to initiate these messages. 

When sending outbound WhatsApp messages, agents are restricted to selecting from their assigned WhatsApp inboxes, ensuring proper channel management. Each outbound transaction is categorized under the selected inbox, with the triggering agent automatically assigned to handle the message.

Similar to the WhatsApp Back feature, if an agent has reached their capacity limit, they will be unable to send the WhatsApp message and will receive a warning message. To specify the recipient of the outbound message, agents can choose from saved WhatsApp numbers in the Manage Contacts section or input a new number. 

If the provided destination number isn't associated with a WhatsApp account, an error message will promptly notify the agent: "The message failed to be sent because the number is not linked to any WhatsApp account." These enhancements streamline outbound communication processes while ensuring efficient use of WhatsApp capabilities.


Communication Hub - Maintaining Consistent Agent States Across All Channels

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement to our platform that addresses a common issue faced by agents handling chat and messaging channels. Currently, the User State feature is only supported for the Voice channel in our Contact Center, which limits its functionality for other channels like Chat and WhatsApp. This results in agents appearing as Available even when actively engaged in handling customer queries via these channels.

With our latest update, when agents receive an incoming call or manage an incoming message from live chat or WhatsApp channels, their User State will now dynamically change to "In Conversation." This improvement ensures that agents' availability accurately reflects their current engagement status, providing transparency and enhancing operational efficiency.

It's important to note that existing statuses such as Busy, Away, and Offline will continue to function as usual, covering scenarios across all supported channels. This enhancement specifically targets Contact Center, Live Chat, and WhatsApp channels, aligning agent availability indicators more closely with their actual interaction status.



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Handle Incoming Calls

Live Chat


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Organization Management - Enabling 2FA with the Authenticator App

Currently, when domain or organization admins enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) for users, the default setup only supports email-based 2FA. This method presents challenges for users who do not have access to an email mailbox, preventing them from receiving their 2FA codes via email. This limitation has prompted the need for an enhancement to allow users to utilize an authenticator app during the initial 2FA setup process.

With the new enhancement, when users log in to their accounts for the first time after being created by an admin, they will have the option to enable 2FA. They can choose between two options: enabling 2FA via email or opting for an authenticator application. This flexibility ensures that users without email access can still securely set up 2FA using a method that suits their needs, enhancing both accessibility and security across the platform.


App Model

Audit Tab - Allow to Filter All Apps & Enhanced Search Functionality

In the Audit tab, we've introduced new features to improve your experience. You can now filter audit actions across all applications, making it easier to pinpoint specific actions. Additionally, we've enhanced the search functionality, allowing you to search for specific actions more efficiently. These updates streamline the audit process, providing a more comprehensive and user-friendly approach to monitoring and managing audit actions.


Member Tab - Updated Search Placeholder

We have updated the search functionality in the Member Tab to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. The search placeholder now reads “Search by name,” providing clear guidance on how to use the search feature. This small but significant change aims to enhance your experience by making it easier to find specific members quickly and efficiently. With this update, locating the right person in your organization has never been simpler.


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