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B3Networks Academy Service Updates

Updated: August 15

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

August is here! And we are finally surfing slowly towards Autumn. As we move into the second half of 2022, we are bringing a box full of updates. Let's unwrap the latest news!


Let's begin with,

Platform App

Customer App: IP Phone

Have you got a License model? If your answer is Yes, we bring you good news!

Now you have a new, easier and direct access through a specific tab to help you manage your customers' IP Phones in your Customer App.

From that, with the IP Phone Management page in the customer portal, the admins of the organization can automatically connect IP devices for their members who have IP Phone Licenses so that they can start receiving inbound calls and making outbound calls on VOIP Devices.


CPaaS Phone System

Custom Holiday

Our CPaaS solution allows partners to set up Public Holidays based on their country of business.

Did it ever occur to anyone about an option to set up your own custom holiday for your organization? Maybe it is the company’s birthday, or maybe there’s another internally decided company holiday.

Well, great news! Now the solution with its newly launched feature lets you set up custom holidays tailored to your specific needs.


Inbound Missed Calls

For inbound missed call settings, we have changed the scenario name Cancel to Reject for easier understanding. This is when there is an incoming call to your devices but you reject the call.

Just like before, a set of actions can be triggered which you can customize according to your needs. These trigger actions include:

  • Ring Delegates

  • Forward Calls

  • Play Message

  • Record Voicemail

  • Hangup

You can configure Inbound Missed Call Settings for yourself or Admins can do it for themselves, for Specific Teams, and for Everyone within the organization.


Display boss’s status in Delegate

Remember the Call Delegation feature in our Phone System?

We have moved one step ahead in managing delegation calls with our latest update which allows displaying of the Boss’s information and his/her status in case the Secretary would like to transfer the call to the Boss.


Restrict Access to Call Recording / Voicemail

With the latest features, we ensure data security for your recording/voicemail data. Now Admins can permit/restrict individual agent access to the organization’s recording data.


Call Group

Support un-provision option for Call Group

Previously, we did not have the convenience to get rid of a Call Group. Now with the latest features, Call Groups can be managed with much more detail than before. You can unprovision and unassign a number from the call group with just a click of a button.

If the call group has an assigned number, it will be auto un-assigned after un-provisioning.


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