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CPaaS Contact Center

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This course is designed for anyone who wants to use CPaaS contact center as a solution. It's very suitable for complete beginners with zero experience or technical knowledge. Anyone wanting to acquire basic sales information or simply wanting to know more about our product is more than welcome to join. This mini-course covers everything you need to know. We'll start from the very beginning to introduce the Contact center product, its feature, and its value propositions. From there, we'll dive deeper into the typical working module, integration as well as common use cases from various industry sectors. This course is designed for anyone who wants to start using the CPaaS contact center as a solution. In this Contact center course, you will come across three modules: 1. Contact center Product guide (Intended for all the users) 2. Contact center Admin Guide ( Intended for admins and supervisors only) 3. Contact center User Guide (Intended for Agents and users) In this contact center, you will be able to learn the following: 1. What is CPaaS Contact Center? 2. Problem Statement & Solutions 3. Key Features 4. Value Propositions




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