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Monthly Newsletter - November 2021

With falls officially behind us, we're now celebrating with all-new winter features.

What’s new in our Product?

Wallboard - Voicemail Message

After pressing the pre-set key number, the customer sometimes forgot what exact message that they needed to leave in order to get the support. Understanding that situation, we have released a new Wallboard feature that aims to support this specific use case.

In order to have a general overview of how it works, please take a look at the below diagram:

Bizphone - Enable/Disable Call Waiting

Call waiting is one of the most beneficial features of modern digital telephony. The function provides a quick tone or double tone notifying the user that they have another call.


  • Missed Calls: Allow you to handle both important incoming calls at the same time.

  • Direct notification: Notify you that there is a second call coming while on a call with someone else.

  • Flexibility: Give you the flexibility that you can take calls at your own discretion.

  • Freedom of choice: Have the generous options:

    • Ignore the second call.

    • Reject the second call.

    • Put the current caller on hold and handle the second incoming call

Manage Organization - Unified Call History

Due to the limitations of the current version of Call History, our team decided to upgrade it to a totally new version which provides a much-completed view of all call transactions happening within the account. 

With this new Unified history, we offer a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Provide a detailed flow of the calls.

  • Manage all of the subscribed application histories in one place.

  • Access Control for different Roles.

  • Call metadata with expandable capability, including:

    • DNC Responded status: Check, Skip, Bypass, or Block

    • Call Recording and Voicemail Message: Check, Listen, Download

    • Flow application execution information

    • Call Center (Wallboard ) Campaign

    • etc …

Manage Organization - Bulk Log-in User Creation

With the growth of the business, more and more employees are joining to use the services. Therefore, understanding the urge for a convenient method to add multiple agents at one time, we have released the Bulk creation feature for this purpose.

By filling the template with names and email addresses, you can create thousands of members in one click.

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