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Monthly Newsletter - May 2021

Great news! We are excited to announce the release of our new features. Over the last few months, we have been passionately working to improve our products and services, and we believe that the new features will help you enjoy your experience with B3 Networks even more.

What's new in our Product?


Agent Management SLA Threshold Previously, the system only supported the SLA threshold from 10 seconds up to 90 seconds. Now, in order to fulfill the requirement of setting a lower measure for the call center, you have the 5 seconds threshold option. This new option allows management to monitor the performance of their agent appropriately.


1. New interactive menu bar Initially, to reduce your time and confusion when regulating your account, we have regrouped the sidebar menu into 2 distinct categories instead of 4 categories, including:



With this new menu bar, you can easily sort out the related items in alphabetical order.

2. Rename "MyInfo" to "Digital Identity" In the past, it was hard to understand the terms “MyInfo” when users came to verify their accounts. Therefore, we decided to rename it to “Digital Identify” to make it clear and concise. The verification process remains the same.

3. Support Download button for Unified Call History Apparently, due to the increase in the number of applications and the demand for exporting the whole data journey, we have added the Download button. You no longer need to switch between applications to export the data. You now can get all of the call reports directly from the unified Call History tabs. This new feature allows the management to export:

  • Call History - Regular Call Log

  • Call Leg History - Detailed Call Journey

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