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Monthly Newsletter - July 2021

The weather gets hotter and hotter outside. It’s time for something new to refresh our services. Check out our latest update below.

What's new in our Product?

Organization Homepage

New Announcements

With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting employees to practice social distancing and working remotely from home, companies are facing tough times communicating with everyone on board and bringing them on the same page.

As many employees earlier haven’t ever worked from home, many failed to communicate effectively and work efficiently. Also, for the employees who rely solely on in-person interactions to collaborate on projects and tasks, learning how to keep their team motivated and engaged is one of the biggest challenges.

As such, our developer team would like to introduce this new feature - Announcements for the organization or employer to keep the communication practices productive and in place.


New released Versions

We are glad to announce the new version of Bizphone Desktop Windows and Bizphone Mobile Android was released. For these new versions, on the dial pad, you will see the Call recording and DND (Do not disturb mode) indicator. This change will definitely help to save your time. Instead of switching back and forward the settings tab, now you can check all of the necessary information on the dial pad.

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