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Monthly Newsletter - August 2021

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Like many of you, we’ve enjoyed some long-awaited summer vacations. Yet, we haven’t slowed down in shipping product updates! Here’s the latest news.

What's new in our Product?


Specific Date & Time filter

Hi admins, we have something new for you!

You now can save time to export data in the unified history tab by using this new option - Specific Date & Time filter.

We believe that it is definitely a great help for you to manage your agents' performance.


1. No Answer Settings

We used to use the term - Voicemail settings. However, it seems to make some confusion for our users.

Therefore, we decided to rename it as "No Answer Settings", so you can easily comprehend the function of this feature.

This option allows you to configure how to treat your unanswered calls, such as forward to another number or record the number and notify you, etc.

2. Call Forwarding - VIP List Unwanted phone calls seem to come at all hours. They keep bugging you at work, interrupting your dinner, or waking you up when you’re sound asleep. I think we can all agree they’re a real nuisance. Understand your needs for an effective solution, we have released a new feature to support this situation, Call Forwarding - VIP List. Once you complete the setup VIP List, you will only receive calls from the chosen numbers, and others will be diverted to your setting destinations.

3. Usage Limit - Limit Duration The work-related expense for employees doing their jobs remotely is phone usage, which is covered by you. Therefore, to avoid your agents taking advantage of your provided call usage, you can now control their Limit duration. Each month, the users are permitted to call within the set amount of time. This amount will reset on the first day of the month.


Transfer call settings Here’s one of the main concerns we hear among our customers: “What is Caller ID? How can I use it?”. That is the reason why we have updated the option of Caller ID under Transfer call settings to a more comprehensive definition:

  • Present Calling Party Number = Present the number of the caller

  • Present Original Called Number = Present the incoming number that receives the call

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