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B3Networks Academy Updates

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

We’re just 6 months into 2023 and the tech innovation is moving at a pace faster than ever. With AI and Automation transforming the industry, we at B3Networks are striving to provide the best-possible solutions to you all.

Let’s dive right in and see what amazing new updates we have this month!


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CPaaS DNC - Compliance

This month we’ve introduced a new tab for “Compliance” under Communication Hub. With this exciting new feature, our users in Singapore can now check if a number has been added in the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry and the activity status of the number.


CPaaS DNC - Bulk Filtering

In addition to Compliance, we’ve also integrated a feature for Bulk Filtering. Now you can easily check the DNC status of multiple numbers. Users can upload a list of phone numbers and verify the DNC status.


Auto Attendant - Access Control

With our most recent update, Owners / Admins (who have been granted permission) can now grant Member access to Auto Attendant so that members can perform actions for editing & deploying call flows within the application.


Enhance Phone Number Input Field

For fields that require a number country code format, many users currently enter numbers without country codes. To simplify this process, we’ve introduced a new format to enter numbers.

New format:

  • Pick a country (with flag and prefix)

  • Add the remaining phone number (E.g. 123456789)

  • Number field only accepts values from 0 to 9

You’ll be able to see this new update in:


Contact - Import Numbers in Company Blacklist/Whitelist

Save yourself from the trouble of manually adding each number to your Company Blacklist and Whitelist, one at a time. We’ve enhanced our Company Blacklist/Whitelist feature by allowing users to add multiple numbers at the same time. Using the provided template, they can create a CSV file and upload the number list.


Phone System - Bulk Templates and Bulk Configuration

Configuring settings for multiple users is now an easy task - all thanks to our new features Bulk Template & Bulk Configuration. Now you can quickly add new users to your organization with a predefined configuration for caller ID, call rules, setting up public holidays etc. & much more!


Phone System - Update Logic to show Caller ID when Forwarding and Transferring

In order to simplify the settings for our users, we have updated the logic to show Caller ID on recipient device when forwarding and Transferring. After this month’s update, Caller ID is displayed to show more useful information for the Users before answering the call on their Desktop, mobile and IP Phones.


Phone System - Remove Caller ID Settings

Following this month's feature update, we've updated the logic for forwarding and transferring call in caller ID settings. Now users can see simplified caller ID settings along with enhanced UI for main table and sidebar menu.

Main Table

Sidebar menu


Communication Hub - Update Failed Call Reason

Currently, the Call History tab only displays the result of calls being failed. But the reason is difficult to understand for our users. With this new feature update, we’ve made it easier for our users to understand by adding <?> (tooltip icons) for each failed and answered call.

If the call has failed and users see a tooltip icon next to Answered, they will need to check the reason (by hovering over the cursor) to determine whether the call was answered or not.


Communication Hub - Queue Performance

It can be quite challenging to monitor multiple queues when you’re managing several projects for inbound and outbound calls. But we’ve got you covered! Now we have a Performance page under the Queue tab where you can check the performance of each queue.


Communication Hub - Contact Center Enhancements

Our goal is to make our apps and solutions highly user-friendly and convenient for our partners. So that they can focus on business growth and providing the best-possible services to their customers.

To achieve this, we’ve added a couple of Contact Center related enhancements in our Communication Hub. Each feature is now simpler to comprehend, thanks to this upgrade!

Let’s start with them one by one:

Active Calls:

We’ve simplified the Active Calls tab by changing the column “Queued Duration” to “Wait Duration”.

Callback Requests:

For Callback Requests, we’ve now added ℹ️ (tooltip icons) to “Registered At” & “Queued Duration”.

Completed Calls:

Here are the modifications we’ve introduced this month for Completed Calls:

  • Changed column “Start At” to “Queued At”

  • Added a new column “Wait Duration”

  • Redesigned the column "Interfered by" to “Supervisor Action”. This column shows the action taken by the Supervisor


Communication Hub - Abandoned Threshold Settings in Queue Creation and Duplicate Queue

In order to make queue creation simpler, we’ve standardised the settings for Queue configuration. Users can now set up Abandoned threshold for the queues in both Queue creation and duplicate options.


Contact Center - Dashboard

With an aim to increase clarity for our Dashboards, we’ve modified the name of the “Queueing Call” widget. In the new update, it’ll be displayed as “Queued Call”, reflecting the number of calls waiting in a particular queue.


Contact Center - Away Detection

With the introduction of Away detection in General Settings, the system will automatically change the agent's status to away if the agent reaches the Unanswered threshold. Supervisors can set the threshold range from 3 to 30 consecutive unanswered calls.


Contact Center - Live Chat Enhancements

This month we’ve a number of Live Chat enhancements for you! Our aim is to simplify and improve the user experience for creating a live chat. For this purpose, we’ve modified the Inbox Management tab.

Let’s go through the feature updates one by one!


Creating Live Chats has never been easier! From the Inbox tab, you can select your Teams and choose actions for non-working hours according to your preferences.


You can also create a Channel for your Live Chat. Every channel acts as a medium for your Live Chat Inbox and supports different features.


Contact Center - Canned Responses

Exciting news! Our latest update allows you to add actions for non-working hours such as sending out canned responses to your customers. Besides, you can also add pre-written responses for common questions & queries.


App Model


Update Failed Call Reason

With this new enhancement, we’ve improved the functionality of the call Results tab in Call History. Now our users can easily understand the reason for calls being failed. Against each reason in the Result column, a tooltip icon <?> will appear, showing the failed call reason.


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