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B3Networks Academy Updates

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

In the month of March, where the end of the first quarter of this year is just around the corner, we at B3Networks are determined to consistently deliver a high quality of Products and Services to our customers. This month we have brought some exciting and brand new feature updates to our apps and solutions.

So let's dive right into it!


License Model

App Model





Dashboard - Permission Group in Member Tab

With this brand new update to our Dashboard, the Owner can either restrict or grant access to the Admins, to view the Dashboard. This would help to regulate the access to data and only the relevant Admins will be able to view and access the Dashboard and it's widgets.

This new update will enable the Owner to customize the permission settings in the 'Manage Organization' tab with just a few simple clicks.


Dashboard - Permission Group Management

With this new feature, we add another layer to secure the data on Dashboard whereby an Owner and/or a granted Admin can give or restrict access to the members. They can grant the members the access to either only 'View' the Dashboard or to 'View and Manage' the widgets on dashboard.

Once the access has been removed for a User they would see a notification on their screen to let them know that the Dashboard no longer exists.


Dashboard - Auto Scroll Threshold

With this new feature, the users can now configure an Auto Scroll Threshold (in seconds), and once the configured threshold is met, the dashboard will scroll between widgets without you having to click to navigate.


Dashboard - Widgets for Contact Center Users

We have added two more widgets for the Inbound Contact Center users. The 'Active Call' widget will show the number of active calls segregated for each queue and the 'Queueing Call' widget will show the number of calls in queue for each queue. Both of the widgets will be present in Dashboard by default for the Contact Center users.


File Explorer Permission Group

This feature will allow the an Owner to grant permission to the Users - Admin Roles to File Explorer. Once the Admins have access to it, they can access and download Call Recording files.

Owner's View

Admin's View


Contact Center - Live Chat

We have an exciting new feature for Contact Center as well, where the system allows you to configure Live Chat function that can be assigned to a queue and a number of teams subsequently.

The agents will receive the notification for the chat on their home screen of the portal and the Supervisor can access the history of Live Chat in the Communication Hub. For a detailed step by step guide on how to setup the Live Chat, click on the Link below.


Contact Center - Forward Call

Another updated feature for Contact Center includes the Forward Call action that would be triggered when either the Maximum Queue Size reached and/or when the Maximum Waiting time is reached. This will allow the call to be forwarded to another existing queue.

Maximum Queue Size reached

Maximum Waiting Time reached


Contact Center - Announcement Message

For CPaaS Contact Center, we have made further improvements in the User Interface for the Announcement Message configuration. The user can now see the explanation for 'Estimated Waiting Time' and 'Queue Position', that would be announced to the caller during the initial message.


Phone System - Features

We have numerous feature updates pertaining the Phone System user interface.

Bulk Assignment: We are all familiar with the Bulk Assignment feature that is available while doing the Provisioning of Phone System licenses. With this new update you'll be able to see the limit for the CSV file which is 5 MB right next to 'Upload CSV' . Same user interface can seen while doing the Bulk Assignment for MS Teams.


Provision Phone System: We have further improved the user interface for the Provisioning process where an error message will appear if the number of user extensions are not correct or, if the digit limit for the extension number is not between 3-5 digits. If the error persists the Provision button will be disabled until the digits are entered in the correct format.


Update Extension: While updating the extension information, the character limit for the Directory Name has been limited to 100 characters, and the error will appear once the limit is crossed.


User Limit for BLF and Call Group: A maximum of 20 users can be assigned to both BLF Group as well as Call Group. The user interface has been updated for both and the users will be able to see a system count once they start adding users to either one of the two.


Maximum Character Limit: While configuring the Text-to-Speech function in Call Recording, Inbound Call and Inbound Missed Call the maximum character limit is 2000 and the notification will appear once the limit is crossed.


General Settings: While configuring the 'Call Pickup' prefix and/or the 'Call Parking' prefix in the 'General Settings', the user will see an error notification when the digits are entered in the incorrect format, prompting the user to input the correct pattern.

In the 'General Settings', the maximum number of characters are limited to 30 when the admins configure 'Remarks' for users who change their status from 'Available' to 'Busy'.


User Limit for Call Forwarding and Delegate: While configuring either the 'Delegate' settings or the 'Call Forwarding' settings, the users will be able to see the total limit of 5 and the auto count will be on as the user add extensions as either their delegates or forwarded contacts.


Outbound Call: While configuring the Speed Dial setting in the 'Outbound tab', the users will see an error notification when the numbers are entered in an incorrect format prompting the user to enter the number in the correct format.


Passcode: While configuring the passcode under 'Admin tools', the users have a digit limite between 4-8. If the passcode configured is in the incorrect format and not in the aforementioned digit limit, users will see an error notification.


Manage Organization - Payment

For this new feature, under the 'Payment' tab, we have moved the Subscription renewal to Current payment method using top up credits. Customer can view only, we do not allow the user to toggle on or off. Subscription renewal section has the following format:

Toggle On: Subscriptions will be renewed with Stored Card if usable credits are insufficient. If the user wishes to disable it, they will be prompted to contact the Service provider.

Toggle Off: Subscriptions will be renewed with usable credits. If the user wishes to backup with Credit Card they will be prompted to contact the Service Provider.


Removal of Gear Icon - Settings in the CPaaS Portal

We will be removing the 'Gear' icon used for settings in the CPaaS Portal from the 15th of March 2023. All the features in the 'Gear' icon will be moved to the new icons and pages accordingly (as illustrated in the picture below). Now the users who wish to customize their Phone System Settings or Auto Attendant Settings will have to click on the relevant icon or navigate to the relevant section to do so.

Users will require proper permissions to access the Phone System and Auto Attendant. For more details on the permission settings, Click Here.


App Model


Virtual Line - Mask User Input

In the 'Virtual Line' app, under the 'Settings' tab, admin can enable or disable the 'Mask User Input' option.

  • If Checked = the data on Unified History will be shown as ####

  • If Unchecked = the data on UH will show as pressed keys + user inputs




Release Note

For our Partners who are using the OSS/BSS Platform Apps, in the 'Customer' app, they can add a hyperlink whilst creating the Release Note.


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