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B3Networks Academy Updates

Updated: Jan 15

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

As the autumn leaves fall & the days grow shorter, the tech landscape is abuzz with innovations, enhancements, and ground-breaking technology that promises to redefine the way we interact with the wide-spread digital realm.

Without further ado, let the November tech adventure begin!

License Model

App Model & License Model


License Model

Phone System - Call Forwarding & Call Group Restrictions & Update

Previously, when a Phone System Extension used to set forward calls to a Call Group, the system used to disregard the Group Ring Mode to only Ring All. All the devices in the Call Group would be rung rather than following the settings for that particular Call Group.

Moving forward, we have a new enhancement in place, where the Phone System Extension Call Forwarding feature to Call Group is restricted to forward calls to 1 Call Group only. Users will not be able to forward a call to Phone Number, User & multiple Call Groups under the same option and the call will follow the Ring Mode of the Call Group.


Phone System - Update IP Phone Password Section

To minimize the risk of unauthorized access or misuse of your VoIP services, this month we have updated the logic for SIP password. This enhancement will improve information security for your system by auto-generating a one-time password. Users will thereafter need to self-manage their password since it will no longer be displayed on the web portal. If the SIP domain of the SIP account changes, the users need to reset their passwords again.


Phone System - Bulk Update Personal Settings

This month we have another amazing Phone System feature for our users. The Admin Tools tab now includes a User Settings Template that may be used to update personal settings for multiple users at once while minimizing the risk of human error involved in creating and uploading a CSV file in the portal.

You just need to create a template for the required settings such as Inbound & Outbound Calls, Working Hours etc. and upload the list of users (Extensions) in the set format. Run & apply the template & Voila! You’ve successfully applied settings in bulk just with a few clicks.


Phone System - Launch Audit Tab

We have introduced an Audit tab for our Phone System which can help identify potential security risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize system performance. This feature will contribute to a secure and reliable communication environment for your organization. Only Owners and Admins with Phone System Permission Group can access the audit tab.


Auto Attendant - Increase Assigned Numbers Limit

In order to support multiple caller IDs, this month we have increased the limit of assigned number add-ons from 5 to 100 numbers. Now users can assign 100 numbers per Auto Attendant Base license. The error message "Exceeded quota for addon license (Number)" will appear if it surpasses the limitation.


Omni-Channel - List transactions by Customer

In the previous version, all the transactions by a customer are only visible at the Me section (live chats assigned to the user only + active chats). Once the transaction is completed, there is no other way to trace back all the transactions to and from a customer.

To curb this issue, we have added a new option called "View all transactions" that allows users to traceback all of the transactions grouped by a customer in the inbox view.


Contact Center - Change Longest Idle Detection Logic

Previously in Contact Center, the longest idle was measured from the moment the call begins and continues to accumulate irrespective of the agent's state. This month we have updated the logic for calculating longest idle. It will now be counted by the end time of the call. The longest idle will hit a reset whenever the agent status changes from Available to any other status (Busy, Away, Offline). It will restart when the status switches to Available again, either by the Agent (at Agent status) or by the Supervisor.

An example of the reasoning is provided below for better comprehension.

● Agent 1 receives call at 7:00 and ends the call at 7:10

● Agent 2 receives call at 7:05 and ends the call at 7:08

● The next call comes in at 7:15

=> The call rings Agent 2 (Idle time 7 minutes) not Agent 1 (Idle time 5 minutes)


SIP Trunk - Enhancement of Reset Password Function

For the enhancement of reset password functionality, we have modified the current user-interface to a much cleaner, user-friendly design. Instead of 2 separate radio buttons, now our users can either input password manually or generate a random password upon clicking the generate button from the same option (as shown in the below screenshot).


Communication Hub

We have a number of modifications for Communication Hub for our users. From the enhancements for date range filters to improved UX for the Activity tab, you name it!

Let’s dive right into the feature updates for Communication Hub.

Enhance UX Design for Users Activity

In order to centralize user activity data in one place & provide a seamless experience to our users, we’ve modified the term “Activity Logs” to “Activity”. This update will relocate the User Performance tab's information about User State, Duration, and Available, Busy, Away, and Offline to this section.


Enhance Date Range Filter for Users and Calls Performance

Starting off this month, we have enhanced the user-interface for the Performance section by changing the positioning for the Date Range filter. This update will affect the Users & Calls tab under Communication Hub. Users can apply different date ranges such as one day, one week and one month before as well as custom date ranges.


Change Design for Notes Page

Notes page maintains a record of every agent response based on the form templates that have been used by the queues. From this month, we’ve changed the term “Notes” to “Form” in order to keep coherence in the user-experience. Users can filter forms as well as search them via the template name and UUID.


Display Form Data

Form data for every call will be shown in the Assigned Calls tab in order to maintain consistency throughout our system and user experience. By selecting the pencil icon (🖋) users will also be able to modify their response on the form. For supervisors, form data for each call will be displayed under the Completed Calls tab.


Contact - Launch Audit Tab

This month we have introduced an Audit tab for Contact as well. This functionality acts as a proactive measure that enhances security, supports compliance efforts, and provides valuable insights into the operation of the system. The audit tab is only accessible by Owners and Admins who are granted access to the Contacts permission group. Actions such as adding, editing & deleting Company Blacklist/Whitelist & Personal Whitelist will be available for viewing under this tab.


App Model & License Model

Warn the User If No Billing Email Is Verified

Verified credentials play a crucial role in ensuring the security, integrity, and reliability of a system. Keeping this in mind, we are now including a warning message for Stripe top-up. If the billing email is unverified by the user, a message stating the same will popup on the screen. This email is used for sending out alerts to the customers when their credit is low, or if the autotop-up/ subscription renewal isn’t successful. If all the emails are verified in the system, the message will not be visible to the users.


Show Hidden Legs for Ring All Calls

In the past, the user interface didn't display all of the failed legs when a user selected Ring All mode under the Devices tab. With this new enhancement, the system now displays all of the legs for Ring All calls for Everyone view. Users will be able to see all the hidden rung devices by clicking on the drop-down arrow placed right next to the Leg UUID for that respective call log.


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