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B3Networks Academy Updates

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

There’s no denying that in this fast-paced digital era, staying up to date with the ever-evolving IT landscape is crucial for everyone. Keeping this in mind, we’re back again with some game-changing developments for you all.

So, join us in unlocking the full potential of innovation, as we explore the latest feature enhancements for the month of July.


Platform (OSS/BSS)

License Model

App Model


Platform (OSS/BSS)

Customer - Limit for Purchasing Licenses

Starting off this month’s feature updates, we’ve raised the cap on license purchasing. Instead of 50 licenses, now you can purchase up to 500 licenses at one time.


License Model

Manage Organization - Export Menu in Phone System

With this amazing new update in Phone System, extension details and available number license info can now be exported and saved on your system for later use.

Users can now see a download button in Licenses > Phone System from where they can Export extension details and Available Numbers detail as well.


Manage Organization - Permission for Managing Teams

Managing teams has never been easier - all thanks to our new enhancement in which we’ve updated the access given to team Owners, Administrators and Members. Admins with permissions to manage PEOPLE in whole organization will now have same privileges as Owners of the organization. Updated permission for Admins who can manage PEOPLE in specific teams is also shared as below.


CPaaS Audit

The Audit feature is a great way to monitor and investigate the actions of all users in your organization. The fact that this function can only be accessed by the Owner and Admins (who have been granted the required permissions), ensures maximum security for conducting audits within the organization.


Phone System - Access Control

For a better understanding of our system, in this month’s update we’ve replaced the term “Permission” to “Access Control” to eliminate any confusion for our users. This modification would affect our Phone System, Auto Attendant and our Dashboards.


Call Forwarding - Placeholder for Phone Number

To provide a more user friendly experience, we’ve modified the UI while forwarding the call to a phone number. In the new update, you need to input a number and then press the Enter key to add that particular number in the Call Forwarding list. This feature ensures that users enter numbers in a valid format only and then Apply changes.


Call Forwarding - Restrict Call Forwarding to Internal DID

For this month’s update, we’ve another exciting feature enhancement for call forwarding. Previously, calls were being failed upon forwarding them to an internal number which might be assigned to an extension of the same organization. Now if a call is forwarded to such numbers, an error message prompts on the screen, asking the user to enter the respective extension key instead.


Phone System - Admin Tools

Configuring multiple administrator settings for the members in your organization is now made simpler than before. This time around, we’ve removed the Cancel & Save button at the bottom of the sidebar and added a "Save" button at the end of each section. This new Save button will only be visible whenever any change is made to the settings of each respective section.


Communication Hub - Contact Center Updates

Our aim is to keep our products and services as simple & easy-to-understand as possible. To achieve this, we’ve introduced a couple of UI modifications this month.

Let’s navigate these feature updates one by one:

Activity Logs

To eliminate duplication, we’ve removed the “Export to get full reports” button at the bottom of the screen. As you can easily download all the reports from the “Export” button at the top-right side of the screen.


Bulk Filtering

Keeping our goal of simplifying the UI for our users, our second update is for Bulk Filtering. The primary text of the “Browse CSV” button has been replaced with “Upload CSV” for better user understanding.


Assigned Calls

Additional details and unnecessary columns in certain tabs can sometimes cause confusion for our users. Hence, we’ve removed the “Incoming Txn UUID” column from the “Incoming” type in Assigned Calls. The information available in Incoming Txn UUID is only required for callbacks and will be shown when users select the Callback type.


SMS History Display Control

In this month’s update, we’ve restricted the visibility of our SMS history tab in Communication Hub. From now on, SMS history tab will be displayed to the following users:


SIP Trunk - Limit the Actions of Members

With our latest update for SIP trunk, we’ve limited access for the total number of Members assigned to each SIP account. Now you can only assign 50 Members to each SIP account in your organization.


Developer Hub - Export & Import Project

To increase system efficiency and promote scalability, we now support the option to Export and Import flows inside Developer Hub. You can easily export an existing flow and import new flows as well.


Developer Hub - Security Enhancement for API Key

Data security and user-privacy are of utmost importance for us. Therefore for this month’s update, we’ve enhanced our system security for API keys by making them irretrievable once they've been generated. At the time of generating an API key, a pop-up message will prompt on the screen asking the users to copy and save it in their system for later use. In order to view it again on the portal, users would need to reset the API key.


Contact Center - Default Settings for Away Detection

With our latest Contact Center enhancement for this month, we’ve changed the settings for Away Detection. Default value for Unanswered threshold is now updated from 5 to 30 consecutive calls. If Supervisors/Admins do not input any value here, then the default settings would come in play.


App Model

Wallboard - Default Settings for Away & Unreachable Detection

With the most recent update, we’ve changed the default settings for Away & Unreachable Detection. The option to enable/disable button for both these settings has been removed now. You can keep your settings from 3 to 30 consecutive calls, 30 being the default value. This update will not affect the organizations which have already activated these features.


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