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B3Networks Academy Service Updates

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

It's July! That means we have approached the halfway point of 2022. Like many of you, we've enjoyed some long-awaited summer vacations. Yet, we haven't slowed down in shipping product updates! Here's the latest news.

What's new on our Platforms?

What's new in our Products?


What's new on our Platforms?

EOL Function

Report App

Due to the addition of Revenue Reports to the File Management App last month, we found that the Report App is no longer required. Hence, to avoid any confusion, from now on, this app will be removed from our Platform. You can go to File Management and get the Revenue Reports for your reporting purposes anytime.


New Feature

Product App

To support you in setting up a special price for your customers, we provide the Custom Pricing Package feature to fulfill that request.

The feature will allow you to:

  • Apply to all types of Products.

  • Create multiple Personalized Pricings for different groups of customers and buyers.

  • Assign the Customized Package for a specific account.

  • Edit the Customized Packages.


What's new in our Products?

Virtual Line

Custom Holiday

Previously, we only supported setting up public holidays based on country, and users could not add or remove them as they wished. Great news! We have launched a new feature that allows users to add custom holidays tailored to their specific needs (e.g., company holiday, company birthday, etc.).



Add the configurable threshold value

Callers often hang up while waiting in a queue for one of two reasons:

  1. The caller does not want to wait in the queue at all.

  2. The caller grows tired of waiting in the queue.

This metric will help to distinguish between these types of hang-ups when the incoming calls enter the queue. This threshold will affect the Abandoned rate that will display on the Dashboard.

  • If the caller hangs up before the threshold, the call is identified as Short Abandoned Call.

  • If the caller hangs up after the threshold, the call is identified as Long Abandoned Call.


Alert supervisor when there is an agent that has no proficiency value

Previously, when the supervisors assign agents to queue from the Agent List page, the agent does not have a proficiency value and the supervisors do not know that they should go to Queue Management to configure their proficiency value properly. Thus, the call is not assigned to those agents as expected.

Understand this problem, we have added a warning message to the Supervisors if they take this action so they know what is needed to be done after assigning Agents to the Queue from this page.


Allow exporting the data for more than 100 days

In the past, our system did not allow exporting data beyond 90 days. However, to satisfy different requirements, we now expanded the maximum period up to 1 year (approximately 365 days).


Change agent status to Offline after reaching the unreachable threshold

Previously, our system could not differentiate between Agent's Away and Unavailable System. It means when it comes to some scenarios such as Networks or Software issues, the system won't be able to detect the situation to stop assigning calls to Agents. Therefore, to support the service better, we would like to introduce new logic called - Unreachable Detection.

By configuring this section, when the consecutive unreachable calls approach the threshold, the system will change the Agent's status to Offline. That Agent won't receive the calls until the status shifts back to Available.


Monitor Direct Outgoing Calls from Extensions

Earlier, our Wallboard focused on monitoring the Inbound Call Center. To expand its function, the Supervisors can now manage the Outgoing Calls of the Call Center Agents.

The system will display all outgoing calls made by Call Center Agents on the Outbound Active Calls tab. The Supervisors can do one of the following actions:

  • Barge: Join the conversation between the caller and the agent

  • Monitor: Listen to the conversation between the caller and the agent

  • Whisper: Talk to the agent only

  • Force hangup


Add Away status to the Agent List page

Want to check the total time your agents have been Away? Don't worry! Our Wallboard can help you out! The Away column in Agent List will let you know the period that the agent sticks to this status in the filter time.

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