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B3Networks Academy Service Updates

Dear B3Networks Valued Partners,

It’s one thing for us to tell you about new features, but it’s so much more special when we can share how these updates have helped people unlock their competencies and achieve their goals! Here are a few of our favorite tweets from this month as people explore what’s new.

What's new in our Products?



Unified Call History

We would like to announce that we have now completely removed the History tab in the Bizphone application and transferred it to the Unified History tab.


1. Manageable and Efficient:

  • You can check the Call History of all members in one place simultaneously.

2. A Secure Solution:

  • As a business owner, the last thing you want is private information landing in the wrong hands. With Unified Call History, you can protect your crucial data such as Call Recording and Voicemail from leaking out.

3. Save Time:

  • The Unified History provides a true full view of call transactions for all of the subscribed applications. It means that you are no longer need to switch between apps to check history.


Manage Organization

Members - Sort by Name

Previously, our system only supports search members by their Teams, Status, and Roles.

However, in order to make it easily accessible, you can find a particular user by their Names. In the future, we will provide more options for your convenience.

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